A Hollowed Closure

Everything you did, it was only for you,

Yet I blame myself still for everything that you do.

I try to believe that it wasn’t because of me… 

I still don’t understand why I couldn’t make you see.

I’m no longer the happy person I was, 

And now I question who I can and cannot love. 

You broke my heart and spirit deep down, 

I promise to not cry as long as you’re not around.

When I see you with her, sometimes it can really be tough.

You will forever make me ponder why I wasn’t good enough…

You’ll always stay that chip in my heart,

But…it doesn’t matter now because I know we were meant to be apart.

Truly I feel one day you’ll come back to me.

Now I can say when that day comes, I will be the one who’s wanting to flee.

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