All or nothing

Yes or no has no gray area. I like the gray. I float on the gray yet I want it all. I want you! Why, you haven’t shown me much but there is something special about your energy. And I want it all! 

Forever, I’m not really sure but right now, definitely.

I miss our conversations that went nowhere and ended up somewhere else. I miss the company. I miss your mindset. I really miss your smile. 

2019 is here so I’m giving you what you asked me for. I immediately said no to the first proposal but you knew what you were doing. You knew that she was always first. You knew that I was very temporary, but it felt amazing. You felt amazing. 

I’m not in love I’m infatuated with that feelings. It was addicting and I want it all of the time, but it’s not mine. 

You’re not mine.

We can’t even be friends based on you…

I’m done settling…. 

You could have had it all but you’ve made your choice.




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