An Innocent Realization

 I wondered all my life if I was capable of higher qualities,

And when I first gazed in those mesmerizing eyes I knew I was. 

They allure me in a way that generates a warmth where I didn’t think it could’ve, 

I knew I was destined for something so quite common, 

Yet it brings a transformation you don’t refuse. You can’t refuse.

I saw those chocolate orbs, similar to mine but more minuscule. 

A laugh so pure, its like a water ripple making everyone else too. 

The way he ignites a fondness in me is different than an intimate kind of love. 

It’s a love that comforts you because you know it can never be broken, 

It’s a sense of compassion you feel when you first witness his contagious smile. 

He distracts me from my own severed heart, because when I’m with him it feels as though it have never been.

I find a glimpse of strength every time he opens those tiny arms, clinging to me as if I’m all he needs. 

I hope our relationship never changes, because the love he has exposed from my heart shows,

My brother is the most special person to me. And forever will be. 




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  1. This was so sweet to read first thing in the morning. 🙂

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