Its been months since I last wrote on here Goodnight Journal .. I guess I had my reasons but can’t think what they were .. with the beginning of a new year I will take this time to reflect and update before I focus on my intentions for the coming year ..

Work: I applied for a new role in my service as a resettlement worker and was successful .. I officially start on January 7th .. I will go back to Monday to Friday, no more shift work and definitely no sleep-ins .. yay .. I like the fact I will still be working in the same place with the same team and client group but this will give me more chances to network, gain added experiences and create more opportunities ..

College: I handed in the last of my units and have just received an official .. all my health and social care and specialist units are completed .. yay .. such a relief and just need to find out when I will receive my diploma ..

I have an added two new additions to my family .. Rio and Tia, brother and sister fur babies born in May and have been keeping me adorably busy since June ..

G texted me suggesting he was going to take his own life .. and then he stopped communicating ..

And I received the first news of my dad in 25 years a week after he died .. and in the same conversation I found out my nan had passed in January but none of the family had bothered to contact me to tell me .. I guess I will write a separate entry on my dad but I consider apart from my kids I officially have no family.

4 thoughts on “Endings”

  1. Thank you very much for your well wishes. I am sorry about your dad and hope G is ok. Congratulations on your new position!

  2. Thank you Attention & Intention .. I look forward to reading some more of your entries and wish you a very Happy and Successful New Year .. 🙂

  3. Are Rio and Tia puppies? If so, what breed are they?

  4. Rio and Tia are my kitties .. I shall post a photo of them in the near future ..

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