Let’s talk about ME

I am not perfect in any way, I’m human.

These posts are mainly venting session since I struggle to keep my thoughts organized when having a deep discussion. Also to let out those feelings of frustration and hurt. Anxiety and stress over situations that I have no control over anyway. 

I’m not placing blame on anyone but myself since I am the only person that I can control. 

I am human. I am hurting. I am lonely. I am not satisfied with life and I wint stop until I feel I’m finished. 

Boxing. My new boyfriend. I’m hoping that giving my all to you will yield the return. 

Championship belts, title belts but mostly, I just want to prove to myself that I can do something without quitting on myself. 

I’m so scared and having a very small circle yields no external comfort. Parents, yeah right. They could care less. I wish for the day that I can be taken care of the way other are.

I need to be nurtured. I want to be nurtured. I crave affection. I enjoy being touched… 

ahhhh… just venting. If I wasn’t at school I’d probably drop a tear of self pitty then tell myself quickly because who the fuck care about me being upset. 

The story of my life.



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