Regarding my piano playing: what I really need to improve on is my rhythm. My rhythm is really off, which is really stressful when I’m playing with a metronome and I can just hear all the notes I’m playing sliding off and not matching the beat.

It’s kind of a stretch, but it would be so cool if I dated someone who would play the piano with me. That would be so nice. Mostly though I just want to play it well myself, or at least well enough to play the songs I want to play– I have the sheet music for a swing version of “Autumn Leaves” that I really want to learn.

Cooking really isn’t that hard, but it gets tiring washing dishes. Lmao. I love grocery shopping and cooking and meal prep; it’s just the dish-washing that gets annoying.

I’m excited for the new semester, but also mildly scared. Well, very scared.

My face is currently having an allergic reaction to something, and there are slightly itchy patches of redness and little bumps on my forehead and both cheeks. It makes me shudder every time I touch my face or even look at it… I normally have such nice skin and now it’s so bad and ugly. I’m so sad :'(

I have a hard enough time accepting my appearance as it is. Sigh.

I’m still thinking about The Boy, but in a much more wistful way now. I wish I had had more time to be friends with him; but now he’s transferred and I won’t see him again, much less, I don’t know, take him up on another offer to play video games with him on his laptop. It makes me really put out… I don’t want to think about dating anyone else when I’m still sad about this guy that I really liked and almost thought I could *have a chance at being close with*.

Yesterday night I had a dream so horrible I woke up sobbing.

It’s still raining.

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  1. You can play a whole bunch of songs if you play them by chords, but the melody usually isn’t as detailed that way. You probably already knew that. If it makes u Feel any better I’ve taken 7 years of piano lessons and I can barely read a sheet of music or keep time. So you’re better than me!

    Also: Happy New year!

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