Fireworks and A Proposal

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

My goodness, it feels surreal how amazing my holiday has been. 
Christmas was so great! My family flew in from Connecticut for Christmas, we have four spare bedrooms, well 3 since my baby has his own bedroom, and it was so nice to have our home full of loved ones. My dad’s extended family got to meet my boyfriend which I was so happy about. I got a lot of goodies, more than I ever deserved. I was especially exited to see my uncle and aunt since they are such good people. My cousins too! Especially my sweet littlest cousin Emerson, she is only four years old but she’s a little beauty and so so kindhearted. Our Christmas tree was so full, it was a six foot tree and yet the presents nearly covered four feet. 

My neighbors also had their famous annual Christmas party. It was a lot of fun, it was packed full of people. They go all out. They always have a theme to go along, this year I think the theme might have been …..a nightmare before Christmas, or ‘scary Christmas’ … idk but it was soo much fun. Even my cousins were impressed. 

It was a great Christmas, and my family flew to Los Angeles to spend New Years at Disneyland. So New Years was spent just me and Ayato together. We didn’t want to be somewhere packed, we just wanted to be together. And then something else happened!

While we’ve been in Aspen, Ayato has asked me to take him to all my favorite childhood places around this beautiful town. I’ve taken him everywhere, especially because I love Aspen and I wanted to show him life in small town America. Even if it is Aspen. My favorite place in Aspen (town) is a beautiful park near the lake that overlooks the shops, and is decorated to the brim this time of year. And would be pretty full for new years because there is a huge fireworks show spamming across the ends of the town and the lake mirrors the lights. Well, it turns out he was asking me to show him all of my favorite places for a reason. He said he wanted to make it special, somewhere I had already been very happy many times before. And New Years was a blast, the fireworks were so stunning. After we rang in the New Year, he asked me to the end of the lake and I was thinking nothing of it. We’re walking down this gorgeous pathway decorated with brightly lit Christmas trees and I’m admiring them so much, and then my eyes fix to the light show in the sky and lake that I didn’t notice he is walking us down another path where it is covered in candles and flowers. He walks me over and it suddenly dawned on me. I asked him if he was doing what I think he’s doing. We’re standing there at the edge of the lake, and he tells me all of his feelings for me. I’m about to burst into tears, after listening to him. And then he gets down on one knee and opens the ring box, and asks me to marry him. I said yes of course!!! I was so caught off guard. But I still cried like a baby. Just to have someone you love so much, someone you’re so in love with, reciprocate those feelings equally is what makes me mushy and teary. 

It was one great New Year for me. 

And I hope its one great new year for all of you too! 



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  1. I don’t know you, but I am so happy that you have had such a great new year! And congratulations on your engagement; that is so wonderful!!!

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