Love Is Pain

I thought you loved me…

I used to feel like number one sometimes. I got so used to the competition that it became normal. You broke me but you were supposed to be my healer. My number 1 protector. My savior…

I follow you around as much as so could. You were my guiding light and best friend but I still felt like you loved me less. I never compared. I still don’t think I do but I’m all you have. 

Love me more because I’m all you have…

I gave you my world for years and you just let it slip through your thoughts. Why do you hate me so much? I feel like the bitterness inside from her falls into me. You see so much of her in me that you have a deep hate bottled up and pouring out on me when you get frustrated. It’s all about you. So fucking selfish! 

Why don’t you love me more? 

I don’t want a child, I WANT MY DADDY! 


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