Why does it hurt so bad

For a long time I was completely closed off, drunk and full of anything that would allow me to forget. 

Is pain and addiction? 

I have to stop betraying myself. I saw the red flags and just kept enjoying the feeling that you gave me. This nigga think I’m in love but I’m just so addicted. I’ve had this feeling before.

Teddy bear, you are and addiction! I crave you throughout the day and was full in your presence. You made me melt…

Skip boy oh boy Skip… As the years past I just wonder why I can’t let you go. You’re so much fun and your dominance and confidence woo me every time… Do you know how many times I’ve deleted your number. Well I’m deleting it again in hopes to heal…

Bob. I’ve been with you everyday since Marshall died. I thought you were my refuge but now I reaized that I was hiding! Hiding from this. Everything I feel now. My addictions helped me through it but only temporarily. 


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