[434] ~*Fri – 01/04/19*~

[9:25 pm]

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t had the time to write since Sun night. I’ve been wanting to write but I just don’t have the time or I feel too tired to write. 

Let see how the week went. 

Mon I worked and then I went to the Casino with my friend and hub to eat. Since it was New Year’s Eve, there was a lot of people and they were giving out hats and things to make noise. After we were done eating, hub left cause he had to go work but me and my friend stayed a while as she had some money left to play and I decided to play some of my own money. We ended up playing for like an hour and a half which was a lot of fun. I spent $40 but got it back in the end. I gave $5 to my friend but she lost it. Wasn’t bad thought as we played for an hour and a half and it only cost me $5. Wish it was always that way. I don’t mind not making money but I like when the money keeps you going so you can have fun and enjoy. My friend said she wanted us to back next year but to stay until the New Year as we left it was around 10:30 pm.

While we were at the Casino, that husband of mine called me to tell me the weirdest thing. He said he got to work and he had a set of keys in his pocket which wasn’t his. It wasn’t car key or anything but he had no idea how it got into his pocket. I told him that maybe the person sitting behind us at the buffet wanted to put the keys into their coat pocket but ended up putting it in his. Was weird but what ever. So when we were going out, I stopped at the security desk to explain the weird situation to the guard which I asked him if he wanted my name and phone number in case someone asked about the keys but he told me to bring them the next day.

I got home and the first thing I saw on the island was that my STORE KEYS were missing. That husband of mine. When he picked up the car key, he picked up my store keys with it and put it in his pocket. I called him at worked and asked him about the description of the keys and told him NOT TO LOSE THEM. I just gave my notice to the store and all I need is for me to lose their keys. He asked me why I had put them in his coat pocket and I told him it wasn’t me, that he must have picked them up with the car key. Derp! I had to call my friend and tell her which she laughed so hard. I then started thinking that this “situation” was just too weird and that the security guard I spoke to must have thought I was drunk and that I was hitting on him, trying to give him my name and phone number with a weird ass story. Gosh!

Anyways, Tue I wanted to go eat and go see a movie which was playing at 5 pm. I woke up around 1:30 pm but I was still tired but couldn’t really sleep but I still didn’t wanted to get out of bed. I got out of bed to go use the bathroom, go have a drink and got back in bed. I figured I wouldn’t be in bed much more longer so I didn’t set any alarm but of course I ended up waking up at 4:50 pm. That said, it was too late for us to make it to the movie. We went to eat some wings and went to the later showing. Of course I was nice and took my friend with us cause she wanted to see the movie we were going to see. Not a good start to this new year to where I need to stop being so giving to this friend. So yea, we saw Second Act which was really good.

I felt like I had lost a day cause I pretty much slept the whole day and didn’t get anything done.

Wed I worked and then I washed my hair, did some laundry, put some laundry away, did the dishes and got the garbage ready for the next morning. That said, I was too tired to write anything at the end of the night.

Thu I worked and that’s pretty much it. I’ve been debating my decision at the store and am asking myself if I shouldn’t be staying longer. Arg! I just need to make it through and be done so then I can’t change my mind.

Today I worked and decided to start writing as soon as I got home cause I was getting too behind in my writing. I know I don’t have to write about every days of my life but I still like to write a lil something about each day.


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