Good times ahead…

Had another good day of it albeit, I have not done any steps to speak of and, I’ve not done any writing as of yet. I wanted to go out for a drive somewhere but, our Son needed to be picked up from work so, my Wife has gone to do that. She wants to go to the pictures and Bohemian Rhapsody is playing so we may watch that. I just actually got done watching both parts of Eastenders. My gosh, lots of stuff going on in that one. Alfie and Kat and Hayley and the baby Cherry drama. Hunter and Mel against Ray, ha ha. It’s a proper English drama that one.

I have an appointment for later on in the month for a physical. I’m going to take charge of my life instead of being so laid back about everything. This will be the start. This is going to be the best year ever. We’ve finally decided where we are going to move, made that decision a few nites ago actually. Sylvester, out tuxedo cat will have either a Brother or a Sister, but it’s going to be a ginger tabby kitten to share it’s life with him.

Things are becoming settled, decisions are being made from clear standpoints, everything is ahead of us. We are heading for good times. It feels good for a change.




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