The Beginnings of Another New Year

Happy 2019:

The year has got off to a good start, I am especially happy I booked the first week in January of work as it gives me some time to just be after what was a pretty busy time leading up to and over Christmas.

I worked New Years Eve up until half 3, it was busy with a client OD’ing in the morning, a tearful client in the afternoon and all the practicalities in between. It was nice to come home even though it meant being on my own for New Years Eve. I entertained the neighbour’s cat as well as my own and spent the evening entertaining myself with a glass of Bucks Fizz, music in the background accompanied by the bang and the fizz of a few colourful displays outside my windows.

New Years Day I woke late in the morning with a plan to go up into the capital with my daughter after some ‘pamper me’ time. Feeling fresh both inside and out I followed my daughter’s lead to take a new route into town. We arrived at Baker Street as the sun started going down and a chill settled in the air, I wished I hadn’t forgotten my scarf the day I left it at work but as luck would have it we came by one of my favourite shops .. Accessorize .. with a sale on .. in through the door and out with a dark blue starry new scarf wrapped around my neck. We made our way down the quiet side streets, passed a posh hotel with a brightly lit Christmas tree on each of its six balconies, onto the extremely busy Hyde Park Corner with its lorries, buses and cars, negotiating the safe crossings into the sanctuary of Hyde Park if you overlook the crowds of people entering and exiting for the fun of the ride in a Winter Wonderland. We walked through the crowds eating freshly made mini cinnamon doughnuts, comparing the roller coasters rides of Florida and looked around the little stalls checking out awesome works of art and the intricate designs of the many feathery dream catchers. I bought a set of four pairs of earrings on a handmade native american card and gave a pair to my daughter. We exited the gates as more people entered just like us a few hours before.

The last couple of days I’ve been getting back into the norm with grocery shopping, neighbours knocking, housework pottering and clutter clearing. I found a box of photo albums and came across some photos of my dad and step mum with my son so many years ago, they looked like happy times, I wonder where it all went wrong.

2 thoughts on “The Beginnings of Another New Year”

  1. You write very well…when I read your writing it feels like I am reading a book.

  2. Thank you .. I would love to write a book sometime .. 🙂

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