[435] ~*Sat – 01/05/19*~

[10:49 pm]

This could of been very terrible. I got home and hub cooked something on the stove and it smells of grease so I decided to light up a candle to try and get rid of the smell. I might of had the candle lit for about 10 mins as I was cleaning up mail junk and all and then I randomly decided to go move the candle and I am so thankful that I did cause I had stupidly placed the candle on the counter, a bit under the microwave’s shelf which is made of wood so of course the wood had started burning. I mean, it’s barely noticeable but you see that it turned a little black where the flame of the candle was. I am just so freaking thankful that I decided to move it cause I would of hated myself so so much if I would of burned the wood more than that. My OCD sees it but like I’ve said, it’s barely noticeable so I will eventually forget about it but like, where my mom lives, they pretty much have done this and you can tell that the cupboard door was burned from the flame of a candle and that could of been my thing if I would of kept it longer. I placed it on the oven instead but then got too paranoid so I just blew it out. I very rarely use candles and this is why. Never know what it will burn and especially with the cats that are everywhere, I don’t trust it.

I’ve also decided to put the stickers on the plates of the car today as we should of done it for the 1st and of course I managed to put the one in the front a bit higher than the old one so I can see a line of blue under the red sticker and it’s bothering my OCD. There’s nothing I can do about it but it’s bothering me as every time I get out of the car I need to look at it. I will get over it but yea, darn OCD.

Today was just not a good day. I mean, it was THAT bad but it was just not a good day. It started with work just being a pain cause I kept getting into situations to where I had a bunch of work to do and things are still not 100% completed cause I’m waiting on answers from other people. I then went out for my lunch and the person who parked beside me parked so darn close that I couldn’t get in the car. I had to get in from the passenger side. I have no idea how the person got out of their car as they were parked their driver side on mine. I did a quick look of the door a few times cause I’m sure they must have dented the door to get out but I didn’t see anything. The car is quite dirty right now so it might be hiding it. I will try not to think about it too much but yea.

Work was then quiet and a bit boring. The day was sorta long. After work #1 I went and got my client and we went to see Escape Room which was good. I still really want to go do one. We’ve been talking about it for ever and still haven’t gone. Movie didn’t discouraged me, I still want to go. Haha!

I’m almost done the current book I am reading and it sucks cause the next one is in my car which hub took to work tonight so that said, once I’m done reading this book, I don’t have anything to read and I know it won’t take me long to finish it cause there isn’t much left to it. I need to order some more.

The counter in the kitchen is such a mess cause I have Xmas gifts on it and other stuff. It has been bothering me for a while and I really need to clean it but I never have time as I do other stuff that needs to be done instead of that. I can’t wait to have more free time and start cleaning the house. I just hope I will get to it cause it needs to be done as it’s driving me crazy. I don’t know, my OCD is just acting up and everything is bothering me right now but at least it’s manageable and it’s not an attack and a super obsession.

I’m still debating about leaving the store and it’s driving me nuts. I’m working there tomorrow and I already don’t feel like going to work there but yet again, I’m still wondering if I made the right decision by finally quitting. Arg! I don’t really want to hope for a day of hell tomorrow but I kinda do just to prove me that I took the right decision.

I was going to sit here and watch a show while playing on my farming game but I don’t know anymore. I sorta just want to go to bed but I have to feed the suggies before which I really don’t feel like doing but I have too. I kinda need to do some tasks on my game so might as well watch an episode while I do that and then I’ll feed the suggies and head to bed to finish that book I’m currently reading and hopefully sleep early enough that I won’t be exhausted for work tomorrow.


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