Good day of it…

My Manchester United beat Reading today 2-nill in their FA Cup match so, now they are through to the round of 8 teams remaining. I think that we have a good chance of gaining the FA Cup final and winning it. We have shown really good form lately. Five wins in five matches played and Ole wants to stay on as Manager. I would like to see him stay on in that role as well. If he were to retain his Title and take it from Caretaker to Permanent that would bode very well for our future, I know.

I had a very good Bible study this morning, and I have asked the Lord for some things. I have repented of other things, and I am awaiting his response to those, humbly. I also finally picked up my guitar that sits solitary upon it’s stand day after day. I have had it for four years, and I can could on one hand the amount of times that I’ve had it in my hands. I dusted it off today, downloaded a tuner app on the mobile, and for some reason I can’t get the E string to tune straight. I shall take it in on Monday next week and get it restrung. I do not like the way the strings feel upon my fingers. I shall go with a lighter gauge string. This is a good starter guitar but, I have another one in mind for when I get a little bit better at it. I looked up some beginner chords, and to my surprise I can strum the first two clearly. The C chord and the A chord respectively. I have a different fingering that I do for the A chord. It makes my fingers a bit sore albeit, I do have Arthritis in my hands as well so, that bears itself into it. I have my eyes on an Ibanez Hollow body guitar. It’s priced at $400. It’s a pretty blue colour and I do fancy it. I am going to start saving for it. Perhaps I shall have it for my Birthday, possibly even sooner than that.

For now though, I am content just to strum about some chords to see if I can play them clearly. I want to get accomplished more with doing that before I progress to want to do other things. When I get better with those,  my next task shall be to learn the scales and progress within those. I seem to have a problem holding my own on the low frets. I will endeavour to get better at that. There is no rush. I just want to play everything like it’s supposed to sound and clearly.

I’m encouraged. Thank you my Lord for that. Your great love is awesome.



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