[436] ~*Sun – 01/06/19*~

[12:03 am]

I really hate these obsessions. It’s time consuming and doesn’t change anything. I’ve checked the shelf like three times before coming to bed and of course, the little black marks are still there and aren’t going anywhere but yet again, I keep checking. The light was off and I turned it on just to check. Blah!

Wish I could turn off my brain cause it’s thinking too much about stupid stuff I can’t change right now. I keep thinking of all the things that aren’t perfect. I should be the main focus if I want to think about something imperfect. Bleh!

These ‘if only’ and ‘why did I have to‘ are annoying. I’m like ‘if only I hadn’t decided to light up that candle’ and ‘why did I have to pick today to put that sticker’. It’s so silly but not much I can do about it but try to work on myself and those times where I let the OCD come out.

I still wish I didn’t have to work at the store tomorrow. That should be telling me that I am doing the right thing but I’m still scared.

Alright, I should think about reading that book if I want to get some sleep. 


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