All the small things

        As I sit alone in this empty library, I reminisce back to the most intimate night I remember (or not really). I am one of those people who don’t really believe about love at first sight, and it may be because I never really experienced it. I never found someone who I met that day and moment and say that I love that person from the bottom of my heart or I thought so until it happened to me.
Our first glance was the most intriguing one yet. I was sitting inside a bar with a couple of girl friends waiting for a couple more friends to arrive. As he pushed the door open at the bar to walk in, his eyes met mine, and mine to his. His tall physique caught my attention along with his dark brown hair (with a whole lot of hair gel as I can tell). He had this beard that only a few people can pull off, which he did. He had the sweetest, kindest smile and eyes, but at the same time, he was giving me the bad boy vibes, which are my fave by the way. He didn’t try hard with his outfit, wearing only a plaid long sleeve, jeans, and vans shoes, but he didn’t have to try hard. He was stunning to me. We had one of those corny, cringing romantic movie moments, where we just froze and stare at each other for a while. Not long after that, he came up to me, and only to me, to introduce himself with a very firm handshake. Once again, our eyes were locked. I was trying to grip on to him as long as I could before it was too long for a shake. We were in a bar, which was not a typical setting for me, but I can tell it was for him. Nonetheless, as I glanced looking for him after a few drinks I had, I saw him at the corner of the bar opening and reading through the books of the bar’s decor! The books!  At the bar! It made me giggle and fell in love with him a little bit more. I mean, who reads books in the middle of a party at midnight in a bar?
We got more comfortable towards each other as time passed through the lively night. People singing, dancing, drinking shots, and much more, and I was just there sitting at the end of the table trying not to vomit or fall asleep. The next thing I remember was him standing next to me and his hands asking for mine. I didn’t know what to do. I was drunk, I could barely stand, and hello, I don’t know him that much! At the end, I didn’t have to decide. He gently took my hand and pulled me up from another friend’s arms. He simply told me that it was my turn to sing. He carried me to the front of the room, held me in his arms (scared to drop me to the floor), and hand me the mic to sing. For the first time in forever, I did! I never could sing to a song I don’t know in front of people I’m not closed to and actually lose myself in the moment! The songs that I sang that night turned out to become my fave songs today because of the good memory. He made me realize that it’s okay to have fun and get drunk from time to time, with the right people in the right place of course. Throughout the night, we sang more, drank more, and laughed a whole lots. I really enjoyed myself, and felt greater than ever!
As the night had to come to an end, I had to say goodbye. I didn’t know if we were ever gonna see each other again. We simply said goodbye to each other with a gentle pat. He looked me one last time in the eyes, held me, and said “Take care ok? Get home safe.” I wish we didn’t have to, but the night was turning bright to a day, the people were leaving to go home before the sun shows up, and the bar was about to close. As sad as the moment was I looked back, smile, and simply said “ok,” which I now regret. I wish I had the courage to say much more than that. But after all, it was probably a good memory for a night, and a night only.
We never saw each other again since that night. We had multiple chances to do so, but something always came up where we couldn’t make it, so maybe it was meant to be, but just like that. We were meant to met just that night with ALL THE SMALL THINGS that turned to be an amazing and memorable night.

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