PS Vince, got it

I forgot to say that the Wednesday night I hung out with Vince that he told me he kinda wanted to kill me.  He also said he had a whole list of people.  Before that, he wouldn’t tell me what he went to prison for and when I was at Brentwood Dierbergs, the Brentwood police officers (3 vehicles full) showed up out front, where I was smoking a cigarette.  One police officer said to another something about Vince killing me!  They think Vince would kill me.  He did sic Trish (Satanica) on me.  He’s using her and lying to her, but he lies to everyone.  He lies to Ricky, Nathan, Tim, me, pretty much everyone everywhere and the lies keep changing, from place to place and day to day sometimes.  I have to go to Soulard and those free meal providers to barely survive and eat.  OH!  I found out that a male Brennan goes to St Vincent de Paul in Soulard!  I went to mass for a bit on Sunday.  Showed his birthday was the 3rd of January, just like Vince Caballo.  Brennans episode, meaning hidden mics/cameras to exploit people and I guess just because they want to, IDK.  NCIS LA created and everything else by Shane Brennan.  Martha Brennan and her husband live on my block.  She’s my block captain.  Jackie Rae Brennan went out with my ex boyfriend, Matt Hucke after I broke up with him.  Matt and Jackie stalked me together and separately for years.  Matt even came from NY to St Louis so often (federal stalking laws) that I didn’t think he  moved away, since he was here so often.  Word around town was that he moved away.  There’s a registered sex offender in my zip code named either James Patrick or Patrick James Brennan.  I could go on and on.  Brennan’s in the CWE.  Brennans have driven from New Jersey to drive by my house and me.  The sex offender Brennan did it, too.  I can’t go on typing this as there is 8 years worth of stuff.  Personalized MO plates saying BREN’N or whatever, at least two vehicles, mini vans or work vans.  I’m so sleep deprived.  I have to go home and go to sleep.  The weapons are on very high.  I hope and pray JFN comes by to see me and help me.  I don’t have a cell phone.  It got stolen before Christmas.  I left a message for him using Russell’s phone and left my email address and asked him to stop by, but I haven’t gotten an email and someone broke in while I was out from about 7am to 1pm today.  Ugh.  


Pathological lying


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