Hi there, diary friends!

I’m quite new to this, so I’m not even sure what I should write first. On my first entry, I just wanted to give an intro of myself and am hoping to get to know my readers (if any) as well.

I’ll go by Romani on here. I am from the western side of U.S. I grew up moving from different countries, meeting people with different backgrounds, and being exposed to new cultures and traditions. So, I would say that I’m an open-minded, curious, and optimistic person. 

Though, at the same time, I also consider myself somewhat a wallflower, and quite exclusive in real life. That is why I decided to start writing diaries online. I felt the need to express myself more, share my own and learn about others’ ideas and their own journeys. Maybe even make new friends from on here 🙂

I would say that my diary entries in the future could be about almost anything from love life, work troubles, personal events, or just anything random I feel I want to share to someone.

So…for now, that’s it. Greetings to you all, and looking forward to reading some good stuff on here hehe 🙂

Best wishes,


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