[437] ~*Mon – 01/07/19*~

[9:52 pm]

Looks like what I asked for sorta happened. It wasn’t too busy yesterday at the store but my feet started hurting like hell around 2:30 pm and I had to go sit a few times cause I just couldn’t handle it. I guess it was my body telling me that I was making the right decision by leaving. I just don’t know.. I feel weird about it but I guess it’s expected as I’ve been working there for a while. I just hope I’ll be okay with it but I know it’s the right decision for my body as I can barely handle it.

Today I worked and then I went to the Casino with my friend as I normally do but hub and his parents came as well as I guess they are sleeping over tonight. I had told them to come tomorrow but they decided to come tonight. Arg! I hate not knowing what’s going on. Not good for my stress level as I always stress when they come here cause they tend to do stuff that makes my OCD act up. I got home and of course they had four chairs moved around the table. They are two. I don’t understand why they had to more four chairs. And it’s not complicated. When you’re done with it, you place it back. Arg!

Anyways, I was bad today. I played $20 while we were at the Casino and lost. I was doing so good with not playing my own money but I just really loved the game I played last week that I had to play it again.


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