“I’m in a room surrounded by entertainers and thieves”

It’s not always a room.  I have to be around murderers, felons, prostitutes, Lisa impersonators, major drug addicts, alcoholics, and God knows what else because I go to free meal providers and sometimes (not lately) food pantries.  It’s scary being around hardened criminals.  I’m not one so I don’t know whatever code they live by, but from conversations I’ve had with some of them, my point of view, which is the law abiding and crime is wrong one, is not their code of conduct!


Some have committed crimes against me and continue to do so.  It’s never ending.  So impossible to avoid them or be safe when some have broken into my house and I never told anyone where I live or anything.  I’m so afraid one of them will murder me.  They have habits, mental illness, and well, hardcore attitudes of doing whatever they want.  Oh well, I will just do the best I can.


When my food  stamps come in on the 11th, I will not go down there to Soulard to eat at churches for breakfast, sometimes lunch, and dinner.  That will be a relief.  They’re not all bad people nor are they all hardened criminals, but you never know who is who.

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