[438] ~*Tue – 01/08/19*~

[9:32 pm]

So early and I’m already laying in bed. I’m tired. I want to play a game on my phone and read but I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stay awake.

Work was so very boring and slow today cause I wasn’t getting any calls. I normally don’t work on Tue’s and if it’s always like it was today then I’m glad I’m normally off. They also managed to piss me off at work cause my TL came around and asked how wanted to go do some back office work but said anyone but ME cause I was needed where I was. I’m telling you, this really sucks and is unfair. The people that do shit are getting moved to do things and I’m not cause “I’m good at what I do” and they know things will get done where I am. It’s bullshit. I got mad and told myself I would stop doing more than what is expected of me but then I get bored so I start working emails while all the other agents around me are just freaking fooling around.

These in-laws, they know how to crank up my OCD. I got home and they had the front lights on. The hell?! We never ever turns those on. Why would they turn those on? I know it’s no biggie but it just bothered me. 

We had a nice supper. They wanted to make us a turkey but I asked for smelts and it was delicious. I don’t get to have those often so I took advantage of them coming over to have some.

My kitchen was a mess so of course I started cleaning it as soon as we were done. Mom-in-law always laughs at me cause I’m obsesses with having my kitchen clean. She said she had cleaned the stove already. WHAT?!?! Stove was no where near clean. How can she say she had cleaned it?! It was still so greasy and she has a darn restaurant. I don’t understand. I know where hub takes his cleaning now cause that wasn’t clean.

I watched a few shows and that’s about what I’ll be doing tonight. I’ll get some laundry done tomorrow. I just can’t believe I’m already in bed but I think my boring day drained me. The in-laws are also in bed so yea. They went to bed at like 8 pm. Sucks cause we could of had fun and played some pool. Oh well.. Maybe another time.

On another note, it’s really annoying to be like I am cause I don’t always get to enjoy people. My in-laws coming over puts a stress over me cause they move stuff and really it’s silly. Bleh! I do have to say they did pretty good this time but I guess they were also busy sleeping as they went to bed early last night and weren’t even up yet when I left for work.

They are leaving tomorrow but we’re supposed to be getting a storm so not sure if they’ll be able to leave. It’s also dad-in-law Bday. I wonder if I will get to see them before they leave cause for all I know they may hit the road before I get up. I think it’s also a bit why I’m already in bed, I don’t want to sleep all day tomorrow but I have a feeling I will be doing it anyways.

Well, better get to my reading cause I’m getting sleepy by laying here.


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