I love a little more than I admit. Yeah, it’s pride. However it saves me from feeling like the fool that I’ve been for you, for way to long. 

Sharing for me can be hard. Sharing you was even harder, and being second was the worst. Truthfully, I’ve never been second Until I became in your life.

I made you feel good but not good enough apparently. 

You have this deep fear that I’ll do something to ruin your marriage, situation or whatever the hell you want to call it but a spade is a spade. 

Shes your wife. 

You said 👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾 You wanted to give her your time. Wel, do me a favor. Do just that. Be her everything and it’s okay to be my nothing. I am letting you go. 

It’s been hard for me love. I’ve cried over you although you always say I don’t feel the way I feel about you. I absolutely hate that so stop, please and thank you! 

I love you. Why? I don’t know and that’s how love goes. Your friendship, conversations, mindset, hustle, smile… Your energy is heartwarming, your touch is gentle yet domineering and for you I am a conversational lust. 

You are and addiction, my love.

And I need to detox.

Please give me time! A lot of time… 

stop texting me please! And I’ll do th same.

Honestly, I’ve deleted your number because every time I think about you which is way to often I want to pick up the phone and call you to interrupt your day to say something crazy, because I know it would make you smile. 

So, do me a favor and let me morn you. I need to heal. You will always have a special place in my heart.

I love you Antwan. 

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