[439] ~*Wed – 01/09/19*~

[3:28 pm]

I’m so very bored right now. I’ve been up since 9 am and my day is just dragging along. I woke up cause I heard the plow go by so I wanted to go clean the cars for when the tractor would be coming. I had planned on going back to bed but I’m still up.

I got up and the in-laws weren’t even up yet. Once they did and the tractor came to clean our driveway, we went out to eat at the Casino. I then went to the office to get my paycheck. We got home, hub went to bed and I started cleaning the house a lil. Didn’t do much, just put away the dishes, swept the floor and cleaned up some stains here and there while I was talking to mom on the phone. I really don’t like being home during the day cause I see all the dirt and stains in the house and it’s driving me crazy. I’m also currently doing some laundry. 

I’ve been watching Speechless and playing on my phone which was fine but right now I just feel bored. I would like to go for a nap but I know I shouldn’t or else I will screw up my sleep for tonight. 

I still need to take a shower at some point today but I feel like it’s too early right now as we may go out for supper.


I decided to clean up the build up of paper that I had on top of my filling cabinet and found the claim I was entitled to for something that had happened with my student loan. It’s a ridiculous $60 but hey, it’s money. I had totally forgotten about it and glad I just had a look cause we have until Jan 18 to fill in the claim which I just did. I really didn’t think I had been slacking on filling my stuff since Sep but looks like it cause all the paper dated back from Sep. Wow! I really need a break from working all the time so I can get back on track with things. I need to clean up my filling cabinet as well as I have paperwork for some years now and I could most def get rid of a few years worth. I also had so many checks from work that I hadn’t shredded which I just did. 

Looks like mom-in-law went to bed. Not sure what we’re doing this evening but looks like we won’t be doing much. Like I’ve said before, I would head to bed myself but I rather not cause it will screw up my sleep for nothing.

I guess I’ll go watch some more shows and play on my game. I’m trying to gain some coins to get some decks that aren’t going to be available soon. I’m not sure how long I have but I’m not going fast enough.

[5:07 pm]

Gosh! Time is going by so very slowly. This is killing me. I really don’t feel like sitting in front of the laptop anymore but what else do I have to do. I know I have plenty of cleaning that I could do around the house but I really don’t want to get to that with the in-laws here. I do believe mom-in-law is still in bed and as far as I know, dad-in-law is in the kitchen playing on his phone but he could of went to bed too for all I know cause I’m in the basement and haven’t been upstairs.

I’d like to put the laundry away but I can’t cause hub’s sleeping and I don’t want to disturb him. I’m just sorta in a cleaning mood but too lazy to actually do anything, if that makes sense.

This is where I start worrying that I made the wrong decision by quitting at the store cause I get bored very easily when I’m home and two days off sounds like a lot to me. Arg! I mean, this is my only day off and I’m currently bored out of my mind and wish I was at work. I really don’t know how hub does it. He has three days off and all he does is sit in front his PC and play games and he’s content. I get bored. Oh gosh, am I making a mistake by quitting? I really worry right now. I know I am totally making the right decision due to my physical health but my mental health might get affected if I have too much time on my hands. I guess I can always find a hobby? I don’t know. I just hope I’ll eventually figure it out. All I know for sure is that right at this moment I am super bored. Then again, I would more than likely be cleaning the house right now if the in-laws weren’t around so I should be fine.


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