Our Day…

My Wife is at the clinic with her Mom for her Doctor’s visit. Her Sister neglected to ask the person that she was supposed to ask yesterday to do this for Mum knowing that it is our Anniversary. I am beyond livid. There is absolutely no excuse for this, one not so ever. I am not overlooking this with my Sister In Law. I will not hold onto the anger for any reason but, I will however not forget this. This is not how I wanted our day that we have planned for ourselves to go, in any way shape or form. I started writing another chapter for the book, and I got this viewpoint in my mind. I have always loved older homes with a history and lots of character.

Two floors, carpet on the staircase leading to the second story, fireplaces, covered front porch, detached garage, wood floors throughout. Nothing modern except maybe the stove or whatnot. I love those old radiator style heaters. I picture a writing room with a window seat and either that radiator, or perhaps a fireplace to keep it cozy. A nice bit of land perhaps, with a barn on it for some Horses to graze upon. A nice Chandelier hanging over the landing upon the entrance to the second floor, maybe even an attic. That is what I have always wanted. I have never wanted a modern house. We have a Cedar bed linen chest from 1910 that I found at an antique store before I met my Wife. That, I want at the end of a four poster canopy bed. My Wife loves the idea of the curtains being around the finials. That’s how I want to live.

I do even have an idea for our bedroom. I’ve always wanted two French doors leading into it, with some nice curtains to cover the windows. You walk in, and immediately you would see the fireplace with a warm cozy fire going. There would be a mantle over it with all kinds of family pictures on it. Prints and pictures on the wall, our four poster canopy bed with the bed linen chest at the end of it. French doors leading out to the balcony outside. In the summer months, the doors would be open with the wind blowing  gently through the curtains. The ensuite would have a hers and his sink with a claw foot tub and a walk in shower. So you see, I know what I want and I know what we shall have. Even if it doesn’t have that to begin with in our room when we move it, I will enure that it has it after a while.

This is our future that is in store for us.

After my Wife picks up our Son, and yes this is another thing that we need to have to do on our Wedding Anniversary, we will be going out for the rest of the day. That’s a whole ‘nother story in and of itself. I told my Wife that that part of the story will end tomorrow. He’s old enough to figure things out, and he will.

I’ve also told my Wife that next month, we will go to this Hotel in town that’s exclusive with history, and we will be there for two whole days, no distractions from anybody. Room service, we can go downstairs and have a meal in the restaurante, and I can even have an afternoon tea. We will not even tell anyone that we are going, we can have our bags packed the nite before and when I finish work we can just go check in. My Wife loves the idea. We need this. I need my Wife to myself, that is not selfish the way that it sounds. It’s just that there is so little of those moments to go around for the two of us.

That Fifth Wedding Anniversary, I have already in my mind. We will be in San Francisco in our Bed and Breakfast. We’ll be sipping upon some Champagne, doing on some sightseeing, having a nice lunch and, maybe a late dinner. Things will have led to things. I will present that Ever Us ring to her. It will be a beautiful set of moments that we will share. I do want to see if they offer a Horse and Carriage ride throughout the town. I do know that she will want to ride the cable cars everywhere.

I’ve just looked it up, they do have those Horse and Carriage rides available.

Before this nite is through though, we will have to buy some Champagne flutes and a bottle of Champagne from the liquor store nearby and partake in a toast. That is a tradition for us. We will go out to a nice sit down restaurante tonite, and then to the pictures afterwards. I know that tonite shall be a late nite of it, as we shall stay be staying up to the wee late hours of the morning. I am going to wear the same outfit that I wore to our Wedding tonight albeit, without the trousers. I shall be wanting to get some new ones today. Tomorrow, I want to put the pictures up from our nite on the town.

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  1. Thank you for your comment. =)

    In law’s are a paint in the ass, I figured the best thing to do with mine is keep her at arms length. I pity two types of people in this world. The braggers, and the liars. It’s very sad to live that way. It really is crappy that we can’t pick our family.

    I love your house idea! I have a cottage out in Britain that is just standing for now, I couldn’t bring myself to ever sell it, I wouldn’t get one like it again. It’s old and quirky. I have the carpeted stairs, and the real fireplaces throughout. If you ever take that trip to the UK, you are more than welcome to use it as a holiday home.

    It’s also not selfish to want to have your wife to yourself, that is beautiful. Keep making time for each other. I love your entries, and I love how much you dote on your wife.

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