Prized posessions


I feel like im being fucked with, in the past month ive lost a necklace that ive worn for the past 5 years and 3 years ago my significant other placed a bullet from one of our first dates on it,makong that necklace even more significant. Well i lost it around two weeks ago and found it new years eve after i pulled out alp the decorations id already put away. 

During that time i mentioned said bullet on the necklace to my significant other and he said “dont worry atleast you have another one on your pocket book. That one proceeded to disappear while i found the necklace. I was pissed! 

Next up my favorite pair of crew socks that i love (a gift  from significant other). They went as a couple to the laundry mat and came back single!!! Even went back to the laundry mat and looled through all the dryers that were used and the rubbish bins! Another special object gone!!! I still want my damn sock!!

And we have today i went to look for the infamous nexklace again and its not in my purse,went though everything and its not here,fingers crossed its in significant others bedroom,im waiting to here from him now,but hes playing in the garage so ill have to wait. Hopefully it turns up so i can shove it in my top drawer and never  wear it again! Odd realization just now. Everything that’s missing is connected to my significant other. Is it a sign?

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