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I said I was gonna use this thing so here I am. I’m starting this thinking I really don’t have anything substantial to write but I bet it ends up longer than I thought.

Update to my complaint about my job in yesterday’s post, please go back and read that one so this next story provides a laugh, no joke, after I posted that rant, my boss asks me to call her, so I do. She tells me there’s an account that’s upset with the company because they’ve had 3 overpayments (this is ridiculous, 3 is such a minimal occurrence) and they don’t want random people handling their account anymore, so they’re going to put the account on C’s desk but when he’s off I’m going to be the back up, so they need me to learn the account and do a trial claim to make sure I’m competant. Now seriously, I start laughing because this is such a joke at this point. Ok sure it’s not going to be my account on top of the other ridiculous accounts that only I can work on, but it’s bad enough I have to be involved with them at all. And knowing how C is, I would bet $500 this account is going to see what it’s like to work with me vs. him and they’re going to ask for me to be the main manager. JOKE. I need to grow some balls and say why the eff can’t any one of the 10 other people on our team fill this role? 

Tomorrow’s my weigh in day for WW. I joined 12/12 but with the holidays, I feel like this was my first official serious week so I’m curious if the scale’s gonna show it. I haven’t gotten on the scale since last Friday, and I am dealing with such anxiety about touching that scale tomorrow morning. Usually I do a weigh in 2x just to calm my mind and make sure I’m not gaining. But I decided not to do it this week and now I wish I had weighed on Tuesday. Trying to remind myself, I did what I thought was healthy this week, I did my workout every day, that is a victory in itself. 

On Christmas, I ordered a nail powder dip kit to try the dip manicure at home and it came today. I want to try it out but I’m so in love with my current nails, they’re a ombré glitter look, it’s pretty, and I’m nervous I’m going to hate the dip manicure so I don’t know when  I’m gonna try it out. Maybe this weekend. 

I also ordered one of those diamond painting kits, these stupid Instagram ads are killing me, but I haven’t rec’d it yet and I’m getting pissed off. I placed the order 12/4 and per the tracking it’s been in the states since 12/24. Both the manicure kit and this thing started out in China. So someone explain to me how I got one delivered in just over 2 weeks and the other hasn’t been delivered yet and it’s been over a month? I contacted the seller and set up a dispute through paypal. If this thing doesn’t show up on my doorstep by Monday, I’m gonna start slamming the company all over their social media pages and file a complaint with BBB and whoever else I can get involved. Lol I hate giving people a hard time about things, mainly because I work in a job where people give me a hard time so I know better. But come on, I paid for this and it wasn’t cheap. 

Lastly, sorry to end this on a sad note, but I’m hoping for as many prayers as we can get for my aunt. She was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time this past summer, yes she’s amazing and she’s a 2 time breast cancer survivor. But this go around, it’s not looking up. She went through chemo and had another surgery in Nov. Her recent scans have found it’s spread to the brain and possibly her spine. She was admitted to the hospital last weekend as she couldn’t walk, they’ve transferred her to a hospice/nursing home and she’s expected to head home tomorrow. So we’re praying for her comfort and that her suffering doesn’t drag on, and for her husband, kids and grandkids to find the comfort and strength to work through, it’s sad and hard, not the way we wanted to start the new year. 

Ok I’m out of things on my mind for the night. Til tomorrow.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Aunt. I’ll hope for good things for her too.
    I read your post previous to this. It’s a great idea to set goals, make sure they’re attainable. I know it sounds stupid for me to say that, but if you set a goal and don’t meet it, or at least not in a reasonable time frame, you’ll start to feel bad about that and completely give up. So, as an alternate to losing 30 pounds (and yes, I do know that weight loss is a very important and real goal to many people) it can be tough to do all at once. Perhaps a more moderate goal that’s a step in the right direction. Yes, the weight is heavy on your mind (pun intended) but you also want to look better and feel better. So perhaps the goal is just as much to feel good and look good. Maybe set the goal for now 1/2 way, as well as feel and look better. Yes, you’re going to WW, and while I’m not sure what their programs are like, you can set your own internal targets of eating better, and getting the kind of exercise that will help you feel better. Full body workouts (rather than something specific perhaps). If you set it up that way, you’re already starting to hit goals by going to WW, because you start to feel better that you’re going something concrete.
    On the other hand … I can write a lot, and say nothing. There’s nothing at all wrong with your goals … just saying!
    Hang in there, things will get better, both at work and with how you feel. Feeling better and weight loss is a journey that can take a while. If you lose it quickly, it’s not as good as if you make lifestyle changes and lose it more slowly, but more controlled because that is the new way you’re living.
    Your job, is your resume in good shape? Just start firing it out. Even if you think a job isn’t perfect, perhaps their HR was another on the back burner that is. The more irons in the fire, the better your chances of moving onwards and upwards.

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