Ended Friday with a bang. It feels great to have control over at least some minor things that is going on in my life after the somewhat hectic week of unexpected work events. Actually think again, we have control over many of parts of our life; for example, generally speaking unless we are going through addiction, famine or severe hardship, we have control over what we eat.  We have control over when we want to go to bed, we have control over some data we consume especially now with digital age. We don’t have to be glued to the TV waiting for prime time shows. We can get and research news anywhere anytime. We can select songs we want to listen through playlist etc. We have control over who we socialize. Of course, there are some exceptions to that. Some of us even have control over our impulses, thoughts and emotions. We do have more power than we think!

I went to work this morning with a determination to start another day strong. By 8am, I finished most of the things I planned to do. Took care of a pending problem I had been putting off and got it partially resolved (still have to wait for another party to do their part.) Sent a compliment email about my coworker to his supervisor. Reconnected with another colleague who has just returned from medical leave. All in all, it was a good day. My work buddy on the other hand was overwhelmed because her boss was asking for reports she didn’t think would be due so soon. I told her that I broke down the reports into fractions/slots and I spent a small chunk of time working on them each day making sure I am to get them all done before deadline. Usually we have different monthly reports to do so I always plan my week around it. I could have offered to do some of the reports for her but she stated that she didn’t know how to complete them and would need some trainings so I think it would be best for her to learn them. Wouldn’t do her any good for me to do it for her. 

Another day of home gym. I completed the strength training portion of Jillian Michael’s Shred workout. I am glad that I stuck to the plan and added a yoga at the end of session because I felt so good after that. Amazing what 20 minutes yoga could do to you. After that hubby drove us to the gym to get some whirlpool time to relax the sore muscles. The jet stream on foot was phenomenal.

I am surrounded by so many kind friends and strangers. Everyday I am at the receiving end of kind words and compliments.  Last night’s

“I put on your lotion so I could smell pretty like you.” – my husband (instead of saying smelling nice because the lotion does smell really good. I just love his choice of words) 🙂


You look cute as a button. – coworker, in the morning

Your hair is so shiny – another coworker, in the afternoon

Your swimsuit is really cute – stranger tonight at the gym

I am thankful for those small gestures of kindness. I hope my words bring wisdom, compassion and healing to others as well. —

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