Cancer Therapy Over/Life goes on

It’s over! My husband’s cancer treatment is over. No more chemotherapy or radiation! Now he is waiting for his throat to heal enough to see the progress of this therapy. Due to the weight loss, sore throat, lack of confidence in the results of the treatment, and hair loss, he is not in the best mood. He seems depressed and doesn’t really want to be spoken to unless he starts the conversation which is not that often. This is not new. He is not a very vocal person toward me anyway. I’m a talker and that is the worst part of my marriage. Having a husband that doesn’t like to talk to me. 
  When we went for his first follow up treatment yesterday, he told the doctor that he just didn’t feel that the treatment worked. Diana the doctor’s assistant gave him a pep talk which motivated him somewhat. I always hear him tell the doctor things that I have no idea he is going through. That is his personality in  a whole. It’s just bad that I don’t know. I’ve learned a lot about my husband since I have to be around him more .

  Anything that I researched to help him with his situation he doesn’t want to do. I am not telling him to do anything against his doctors. I am speaking of things like natural uses of turmeric and salt to gargle, teas to help with constipation, natural oils to use to help heal his neck or using an electric toothbrush to brush his teeth. He tells me I’m not a doctor and leave him alone. He is extra sharp tongued. He has a very nasty rudeness about him now. It was there before, but it’s really ugly now. You don’t have to tell me twice to leave you alone.  I reminded him doctors don’t know everything. They experiment on you to see what works. 
  My life goes on. 

My husband is probably in the room going through his feeding routine. He has to use a feeding tube. He can’t swallow due the excessive pain. Oh, he did eat the pouch food through the tube that I found online. It’s a very healthy 450 calorie supplement with all natural ingredients to give him energy. I found it from listening to a Youtube video of someone that went through the same cancer as my husband. The product is called “Liquid Hope” by the company, Functional Formularies , 12 oz pouches. It did make a difference in his energy level. I ordered the 24 pack from the company over the phone.  Anyone can use it this product. You don’t have to be ill to benefit from this all natural product.  It’s wasn’t cheap. I paid $214. 00 for the 24 pouches.  I was going to go with Amazon. I called the company to ask a question, and they said they couldn’t guarantee the product sold by a third party. I’m glad I did call. Anyway, it seems to work well for my husband to keep his weight from going down a great deal. 

It’s time to close now. I hope to return and write down my thoughts soon. Life goes on. 

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  1. You are a good person. My groomsmen finished chemo recently, and neither of us are very talkative. It is hard because it can come back, and he is afraid everyday that the pain in his side or his lack of appetite is cancer. It feels like the world is out to get him, and maybe the only person that will listen is you, and that is why he thinks he can be mean.
    I would not take it personally, he most likely does not talk nicely with anyone else either, and if he does it is because it is about sports or some hobby and not what matters like his health. Any suggestion implies you know better than him, even if you do, even if it is the opinion of a doctor etc, he needs to feel like it is his idea.

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