This is just a fantasy and I love Demondoll so I hope she doesn’t take this the wrong way. But ever since she told me about her conversation with Fernie, I’ve actually fantasized about having Fernie put her to sleep and hypnotize her. It made me really want to see her get hypnotized and put to sleep. She was really mouthy with Fernie in her post she shared with me so I think she deserves to be put in her place and lose to Fernie and sleep. I just want to see Fernie controlling her and having her way with her. It would be so nice to see Fernie get Demondoll to apologize to Fernie for being so mouthy with her. It would be nice if Fernie hypnotized me too, to help her capture Demondoll. Once Demondoll is under hypnosis, she can pour some sleepy medicine on her beautiful set of twins and put me to sleep as ordered by Fernie. I really want Fernie to make us do humiliating yet “beautiful” things. Of course Demondoll wakes up and takes her sweet revenge on Fernie and me. Then she hypnotizes Fernie and has her do the same thing to me, that she had me do to Demondoll. She’d turn us into her personal maids and have us do embarrassing but very “beautiful” things for her pleasure. I want her to take me and put me into a very deep sleep for helping Fernie even though I was hypnotized. Demondoll knows how deep my thoughts really go. Sorry Doll, you can get me later! 🤪

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