Despite getting to bed at a reasonable time, I still woke up like what in the world and struggled to get ready. I pulled it together and got to breakfast on time. Had a wonderful chocolate chip pancake and vanilla milk to start my day. 

The speakers today were MUCH more interactive. First thing he had us do was stand up and shake our arms in the air. And every so often he had us get up and do it again. We also learned an important statement. The health, safety, and wellness of those we serve is our primary mission. The first half of the day we went over crisis communications. It is a sad fact but 40% of our population will be emotionally, physically, or sexually assaulted at least once in their lifetimes. When, not if, but when something happens. How would you deal with the fallout. They had us get up front in groups, with them acting as reporters, and grilled us about heinous scenarios. These scenarios were actually real things that happened as well. It was hard for us. Reporters and media are a different world to what we are used to. One thing I learned no matter how friendly they seem, they are there for a reason. To get the most information they can to make the catchiest headline for the maximum amount of clicks they can get. Scary indeed. Glad that I am not a spokesperson for our agency… but I realized even if you aren’t the spokesperson you still have to know what to say cause everybody would be talking about. I’m definitely going to get some training on those procedures when I go back to work. We must prepare ourselves for these situations. Although I hope we never have to deal with that.  

The second half we went over leadership skills and how to cultivate a positive work environment. I was extremlly involved with this discussion and took so many notes. A lot of the material really resonated with me. As I said with my last post it’s hard to recruit new staff and maintain workers. Building up our current team to where they really enjoy working for us and showing that to the community by way of more facebook posts, that energy might spread and get us more people for the cause. An update on this will be forming in the near future as I am going to present the material I learned to staff. 

It really bothered me that our lead over at Park Place called me a brown noser in front of a behaviorist and other staff. What was her reason for this? Because I gave a good answer that she didn’t think of? If she says that in front of others what is she saying behind my back? This is not the kind of work environment I want to be a part of. And I am going to turn it around! 

Sadly we got to 3pm (the end), before they could finish all their material. Even though I was ready to get myself back home and beat the rush hour traffic. I would have stayed to listen to it all. It was just that good. Traffic actually wasn’t bad on the way home. I unpacked when I got here, but was tired so. Ate some leftover pizza, watched some Netflix, and rested.

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