Jan 11

Back bruizes

Recalling taylortown trade center, rapist and I both had booths. I spoke to a few ppl, couple men who also had booths. He told me not to talk to them,  he said you’re gonna get it. Often I’m in pain and was then. Wake up in pain.  IDK if he harms me when I talk to a guy or if this is something he just does. 

Arms, elbows, neck, feet and back still hurt.  Jaw pained. 

Yesterday on phone with Patrick occonn, heard alarm beep alert entry was opened. I think it was back door, of course by the time I got there didn’t see anything. I don’t think Patrick heard my alarm go off. SMH every bit of empirical evidence only I hear or see, WTH? 

Gaps between wood floor wider, some splinters. He has told me he did that before.  He gets cats sick and it ends up between the gaps. I believe he gets them sick on purpose. I’ve told Sgt Howard about them getting sick when he’s around. 

Still trying to figure how he breaks in using chairs, garbage cans, etc to stand on. He told me he did this, I have no reason to doubt it. But how? 

Cats dishes always have oil sprayed in them every morning. IDK if it’s drug, hope it’s not same stuff he sprays in my hair and face. That stuff is caustic and makes my hair brittle and fall out. 

Recall he said happy anniversary to me a few times, we first met at big boy he said when I asked what he meant. 

Any time I planned on going to a party it seemed my legs and feet were painful, arms and neck and eyes too.  Remember church festivals and if I did get chance to dance one night the rest of the weekend I couldnt  for the pain and drugged feeling. He so hates for me to laugh and have good time.  

Postage stamps on floor in bedroom. I keep them in a drawer under printer, they were across the room. Dresser was moved.  

Freezer open, every day it is and I forget to mention. Used to get on herger when he lived here about leaving door open, turns out it’s been green all along. 

Turn on heat in car, stinky oil in vents sprayed onto windows. He’s done this fire er and even claimed it when I complained about smell in all my cars vents. This guy is nuts. Dirt sticks and impedes vision while driving.  IDK if he did it while I was in shelter or when I went home for the day. I smelled it this morning and couldn’t tell if it were old or new. Car filthy with oil making dirt stick to it. 

Recall him talking about wrecking an ex’s house. I asked why he said because he liked her. Also he drugged and raped her. She wouldnt call it rape….name Delores lived in trailer park. He said he drugged her and they had sex. She filed charges for wrecking the house as drugging someone is 20 years. WTH wrong with ppl who won’t file on someone for crimes.  He’d be out of my hair now…

White truck drove past christnet location 5.45. I was followed by white truck on Southfield from home, spotted again on telegraph coming to shelter. 

Blood test for arthritis negative. Green claimed on many occasions he gave me arthritis. IDK how but the liquid between knee joints gone. My body aches like I have it all over, neck all the way down to toes. Appt with knee specialist in February.  He’s trying to deform me I believe. IDK seems like it. 

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