Manheime to Ftankfurt in Bus

My abundant life will impact my family my society my country and my planet. I am for whole of the universe. Everyone wants to share my energy and I have so much energy and abundance that I share it with while of the world. I have abundance of ideas to share my energy and abundance.
– I will feel like Buddha, like the monk who drove Ferrari, like the person who does “Nas Daily” like Humans of New York, like Bill gate who have so much of abundance to share with the world. I feel powerful, fully composed, energetic, always looking forward for the next day. Each day is new and have new opportunities. It sounds like total calm and peace in the herd of people, In a traffic jam and in between the noise. It’s so easy to feel the breath and peace in presence of so many people , noise , anxiety. I love to taste new things. I can taste even a small bit of food , other people smile and every bit of nature.
– I am travelling whole world , to the places where no one can imagine, wherever I touch human life they are transformed. I have so much of fitness and self compose that things look so easy in life. I am for the people and people are for me.

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