Spirituality and religion.

It’s not uncommon to hear the statement that one is spiritual but not religious. This statement always displeased me, I couldn’t quite make out why. I suppose it’s because spirituality has always been gorilla-glued to the hip of religion, and this is how I’d associate it. But recently I’ve had a change in mind, perhaps because I’ve begun to follow the logic behind this notion. I’m more aware that spirituality is not the property of religion. It’s an aspect of consciousness that is completely transcendent to our philosophical ideals. When we talk about spirituality, religious thinkers attack us at the very core of our being—our sense of self. They say, “No. You are unable to have a euphoric or sublime experience on your own. It requires something that is not natural, but supernatural. This can only be achieved with the assistance of a god.” In essence, this is what they’ll tell you. And offhandedly, it insults us and denigrates our capabilities. It’s an enormous attainment that we can even grasp a spiritual experience. But now we live in an age where not only can we grasp it, but we can understand it and write literature on the psychology of said encounters. What a massive achievement done by evolution. Our sublimity does not require a god, thankfully so. And I think, given enough time, we can achieve a much greater mind capacity than we know possible.

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