to be or not to be . thoughts

Wanting attention. People pleasing. Pretending I am doing great. Pretending my life is great. Keeping people at distance. Keeping heartbreaks and misery a secret. Showing off the pretty image or sparked of cool events while hiding the bitter sadness and empty holes in my heart. Looking around desperately, wishing for someone to save me. Expecting everyone to save me. Overthinking. Spinning in circles of poor habits. Making poor choices. Putting on a fake smile, thanks god at least no make up! Resenting myself, my body, my life. Resenting my family. Resenting the idea of commitment – cause what do I know about it?

Will says that self control is self love. I agree. Yet, there are so many tiny concepts that make all the different and they don’t teach us that. Rare parents do and sure non will be given at school. It is about mindfulness. It is about aligning out worlds and thoughts with actions. It is about not giving our “yes” lightly and keeping promises when given. It is about protecting out own heart, space and wellbeing. It is about being patient sometimes. It is about so so much…

To be or not to be, the question is. 

xoxo / li

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  1. I am not sure we will ever know the answer. We have to simply just keep on keeping on.

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