What people think and what is…

Last nite….. It was a great nite, ha ha.


We went out to the Mexican restaurant, and my goodness that was a really good meal. Then we went to the pictures after that. She wanted to see The Mule but, it had already been fifteen fifteen minutes of film rolling already. so, we ended up watching A Dog’s Way Home. I loved that movie from beginning to end. That was too much cuteness. I love all kinds of animals anyways. I’ve been a cat person more so the last decade and a half. We have Sylvester these days. He’s our only one. He’s a tuxedo cat with a cute white chest like he’s wearing a napkin. He’s a bit paranoid but, my goodness he’s a good boy. He just turned nine in December of last year. My Late Wife adopted him from a friend of hers. He was born under a Volkswagen in somebody’s garage, ha ha. He thinks that he has some kind of street cred. I haven’t had a dog since 1984. We had Irish Setter Pure Bred puppies when I was growing up. First it was Scarlett. She was beautiful, then Shy and Samantha were the two we kept from the litter. Samantha, became my Brother’s dog. Shy became mine. He had a long haired coat. He got his name because, despite him being the biggest of the litter he would get picked on so, he would sit and wait patiently whilst the others ate their meals. He would eat his after they were done. I remember taking my knit hat and cutting some ear holes in the sides of them for him to wear when it was cold outside. He was the best dog that I ever had. We had to make that decision in 1984 to put him to sleep. I will never forget that as long as I live. I still think about him just running loose in the country when we went to see my Sister in the summers.


I’ve only ever had cats since then.


Today was a bit of a strange day though. I could tell that my Wife was a bit off, as it were. I left it for a while but, I knew that there was something to it just below the surface, We went to the bank. It was after that when I found out what it was with her countenance that was off. We were driving over to Jcpenneys. I wanted to get a pajamas set. I hadn’t had one in decades, and we have watched As time goes by on dvd from beginning to end. We have every episode. Lionel, played by Geoffrey Palmer, one of the lead characters on the show would always be seen wearing them. She didn’t want me to get a set because, she didn’t like the idea of me wearing it. Finally, today I got to get it. For some reason it was on a clearance special. I put it on before and went downstairs and she laughed because, she said it was cute. I had to laugh back at her.


Anyways, we’re driving along and she says Mum asked for the rent and I was like o.k.  I told my Wife we’d pay it at the end of the month. It is only for the bills because, Mum has a reverse mortgage on the house so she doesn’t make a house payment. No big deal, I thought. I’ll pay it when I said I would. She was upset because, Mum made a bid deal about it. So, she started getting emotional. Now mind you, it’s snowing outside, our car wasn’t sliding but it was slushy out. I’m concentrating on the conditions but I’ve got really good reflexes. After we park, she says that she wanted to get the things she needed and now she can’t. I stopped her right there and told her yes you can. She says well. we won’t have enough money. I said there’s money in our savings, no worries. I told her we’ll pay it when I said before. Than I asked, are you coming in  with me. She says, I’ll stay in the car whilst you get your pj’s. I said, I want you with me and you know that. I never go out without her, anywhere. I love being with her.  She came with, and I got them and then we go to another shoppe. We go there and I had her pick out the things that she wanted. She started protesting and saying not now, and I looked her in the eyes and said that she wasn’t going to be waiting when there’s things that she needs. She is so cute when she shops. She needed a pair of gloves that I knew she didn’t have and she picked out two.


We headed over to the grocery from there, and I held her hand in mine just smiling. I watched her go down this one aisle in the store and I was laughing because, she was reaching her whole 5-1′ frame and she still couldn’t reach the bag of crisps she was trying to get at. We have been odds at times but, I never stay at odds with her. I told her that after yesterday’s last straw with her Sister, that I will never let her in on anything that we are going through. I have been nothing but respectful since day one. That’s now four years that I have known her. She is a liar, a backstabber, can’t keep from talking about anybody, brags about everything. It’s more than enough. Our oldest Son(My Stepson), has done nothing but disrespect his Mum, and show his complete respect for drugs above everything. I am well past the point of him being dead to me. I am not going to bend over or kiss anybody’s ass and I never will. If there is a time that I see him talking to my Wife in a disrespectful way I will put him within an inch of seeing Our Creator. That is not a threat but, a promise.


My Wife’s Sister thinks that she can do something similar. Yesterday was the last time that she will be thinking that way. Up until yesterday I have stayed out of it but. she is about to find out what it’s like to disrespect my Wife from me, her Husband. . There will not be another instance of it, I can guarantee her that. I am sick and tired of her running her mouth like she thinks who she is. It will stop.


I told my Wife that from now on we are going to live the way that we are supposed to. No more walking on eggshells, no more my Sister said this, did that. It will be dealt with right then and there, by me. One thing about me is that I have never backed down from anybody and I never will. Our Son? His problem is that he doesn’t know when to stop. He’s going to find out very soon when he should stop.

I am going to watch my show.




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  1. I love the idea that you have held your wife’s hand in public. It was good that she could get the things she needed.

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