12 jan / lismonolis isnta notes

Why is it I want a completely new and separate account on isnstagrm? Wouldn’t it be smarter to have one as monolis and map it out alike RKZ does – photography (events, coffee, places he loves, details), his songs recorded, images of him (from photoshoots), fashion notes and photographs…Tattoo will still be a part of it if I want to, ppl like rus clients will still find me if needed – but they will also see different sides of me, my personality and hobbies. All I know is that I would be into getting a tattoo from an artist like Rick if he was to do them. So if there is a female version of him, wouldn’t it be the best way to market? The best way to represent me as a multi passionate artist? And even though I like my little plan with the separate account and etc, something it doesn’t feel right, nor full. It is more like a page in a magazine, less like a person who you want to fallow and get to know. 

I guess I thought that it would be better to keep the tattoo account as the business one and keep another one for blogging and photography. But it feels shallow, empty, especially sine my art was removed from the page…

I do have passion for slow fashion and minimalism, I love taking photos, I would love to travel more and visit more of venues and interesting events while capturing those, I would still love to create art just in more mindful ways and without putting all of my effects in it, I’d love to maybe even aint murals and record cover videos. All of that is me. Yeah! 

So why is it that I still think abut the idea of having the two accounts? Guess in a way I am worried : will I male enough of interesting imagery, will I have special things to say, will I bring ppl value, will I find the kind of ppl that r interested in my content, will my authenticity be welcomed or bullied? I guess, I want to try with an empty account because I don’t know yet if I have anything of value in blogging and photography. But lets be honest – the only way to make it happen is to do it, little steps and big steps. Like : booking ticked for Thailand, Bali, Shri Lanka, Turkey. Like : going to safes with great tea or food and taking pictures even in public. Like : asking friends, photographers and professionals to take pictures of me so I can use them in the blog. Like : decluttering my wardrobe and getting rid of the clutter, getting new things or even designing them and blogging about it. Like : blogging about tech wear, slow fashion, smart clothes and etc. Like : eating healthy and exercising so I look better in clothes and maybe can even share some health tips or recipes. Like : taking photos of people, places, street photography, giveaway markets, fashion and slow fashion techwear events. 

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