day one hundred and two and one hundred and three

On thursday, my roommate had an orthodontics’ appointment in our home town, so he missed the evening maths lesson. Yesterday, we got some good news regarding exams at the end of the semester – one of the subjects will only have an oral exam and not a written one. The whole class was pretty exited about it, because the written exam would have been extremely difficult, while the oral one id doable.

After returning home, we went on a family dinner. This is becoming a regular thing, as we do it more or less every week.

On monday, our only lesson is again off (for one half of the class) and I will be staying at home a day longer. I will spend this extra day studying and making an assignment. We are slowly getting more and more busy with schoolwork. There are only two more weeks of classes and then exam season starts. We have five more tests until then, four of those in a span of three days, the last week before exams. The way university works in my country, you can pass a subject in two ways – either by taking tests during lesson season and maybe an oral exam later (depending from professor to professor), or by taking an exam in the exam season (oral and written, or maybe only one of those, again depending on professor’s system). There are usually also assignments, presentations or homeworks that we must complete in order to even be able to apply to an exam. I try to complete as many subjects as possible with regular tests and I will have most of exam season off, as there are no lessons at that time.



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