Ghoul School:


When I first watched this scooby doo movie, there was a particular scene that I rather enjoyed. It was the scene that the main antagonist Revolta has her minions capture the ghoul girls. The reason I like it is it showed one of the characters, Sibella in bat form, captured. Then while she has her wings held by the two spider bat minions, they place a mind control head/earphones over her ears to help hypnotize her. They seemed to be made from spider webs seeing as Revolta was a spider witch thing. The icing on the cake being Revolta telling her to “obey” and Sibella, relaxing and falling under her control and flying her off when she calms down. The reason that I like this scene is because it seemed Sibella, wanted to be captured because she stopped, turned around to look at the spider bat things and allowed herself to be caught which I’m glad she does and doesn’t get away because I like that Sibella ends up getting hypnotized and I’m glad she gets hypnotized. Anyway from then on me and my friends would always reenact that scene. Of course I would be Sibella and flap my arms as though they’re wings, two other friends would be the spider bat minions who capture me and place the earmuffs over my ears (because I didn’t have any head/earphones at the time) and then another friend would be Revolta and hypnotize me. She even said the same thing as Revolta in the movie. I resisted being “hypnotized” or at least tried to. Then my friend playing Revolta would say “OBEY” and I would fall under her hypnotic control. Only instead of being silent like Sibella was in the movie, I immediately say “I will obey Revolta.” My friend playing Revolta said she loved “hypnotizing” me because usually I was in control, in general. So she wanted to take me down a peg. Playfully of course. This is one of my favorite scenes in any scooby doo movie. This one in particular because if I were Sibella I would actually want to be captured and hypnotized by Revolta. I told my friends that I loved the idea of getting hypnotized by a spider witch. I would love to be hypnotized by a real witch too. Plus Revolta kind of reminds me of an older lady who lived a few minutes away from me who I never quite liked. I was quite mouthy with her so I kind of imagined that I was Sibella and she was Revolta. I just loved this scene. So many possibilities. 😴

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