I will write it out

All the things that I need to do….I will just write it out. 

I can get them done and be a productive citizen. 

I have faith I can get them done.

I beefed up my teacher ig account and i got a few more likes! I am proud. I will move forward with inspiring others through teaching. In my wildest dreams I had no idea there were so many teacher IG account. Learning from them is going to be a prortity of mine. 

Things to do

  1. Continue to improve credit: Pay off credit cards ASAP 
  2. Call OBYGN and get an appt. Understand how much time i have to be fertile. I am prayful for a little baby this year. 
  3. Call the dentist. Find out about the bill. I need some dental work done before the pain gets too bad.
  4. Get into a PHD progam. You can do it. Put a little  black girl magic to it. 

3 thoughts on “I will write it out”

  1. Thank you for taking both the time to read my entry and for replying to it. Your goals list is very similar to mine without, the obgyn mind you, ha ha. They are goals that you can reach, all of them. Being a Teacher , that is such a great Professional endeavour. Just keep moving forward and don’t look back, don’t have doubts. You can do this.

  2. you got this girl!!! 2019 will be your year<3 wishing you nothing but success and happiness <3 you are an inspiration!

  3. Thank you for reading my journal and being kind enough to comment. I wish you all r best in 2019

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