love when u ready, not when u lonely

hi friends i’m here and alive love u all happy new year <3

lately(meaning yesterday and today lol) i’ve been wanting someone. like some cuddles, hand holding, and a ridiculous amount of naughty business sounds super duper right now

but i have to check myself~ why do i want this? is it to feed my own selfish desires? partially. do i want one person to love unconditionally/monogamously for the rest of my life? YES BITCH! but am i ready for a relationship? not yet.

~love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely~

it’s what i have to remind myself. 

it wouldn’t be fair to the other person to enter into anything at this current time.

and i’m a ~demisexual~ so i can’t even be satisfied with a casual thing lol yall are lucky if ur not tbh

but still, my heart and vagina long for love lol

plus it’s very hard to meet someone when you’re a total introvert which is WHY all of my partners have been found online lol and not on dating sites bc fuck dating sites hahaha(most people are looking for hookups which is great for them, but not for me)

OH YEAH and i’m still sober which is awesome! it’s been 3 weeks and the change has been incredible. super duper proud of myself <3 

all around, i’ve been in a rlly good place this past 2 weeks and let’s hope that it continues <3<3<3 love u nice ppl <3<3<3

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