Last time I came to Tokyo I had made friends with a foreign girl from Russia who was also living in Tokyo. This time we met up again and even hung out. I don’t know why but I think its so amusing and cool. I think she misses her home, and having me is somewhat comforting because I’m probably the only person in Tokyo she can speak Russian to. She’s a model but she’s learning Japanese, and she’s just so stunning. 

She and I met up for breakfast today and hung out for a bit. We were going to have a shopping day, but I wanted to come home and take care of my baby. Ayato is so sick, he had a bad cough, congestion and has been asleep since coming home from work last night. Its Saturday afternoon right now and he’s still asleep. I want him to go to the doctor but he said he’ll try to sleep it off. I made him some soup and tea, and bought him some medicine. Hopefully he gets better soon. Its the weekend and he doesn’t even get to enjoy it 🙁 


Meanwhile he’s resting I’m going to do his laundry, organize his kitchen, and have to go grocery shopping. I downloaded these cool apps that help me translate if I get lost lol. Hopefully I don’t. Wish me luck lol. 

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