13th jan / messy notes

13th jan / 17.20 / mayak

Kate stayed for three days at home, she isn’t feeling well. Three days and she complains that it is depressing. Makes me think about the damage I am causing myself. No wonder I feel low after moth in isolation mixed with procrastination. What can I do what can I do what can I do to turn the tables around, to make it all better. Also Kate just didn’t follow her own rules that she puts up with me, they never apply to her. How is it fair? It isn’t. And I will not put up with it. I know why I want to live separately – so no-one gets to interrupt my peace like it happened today. Frustration and grudge are no help when it is poisoning my wellbeing. 

Of course, it is not only abut Kate, she’s just a part of the puzzle. I know that patience is what I need and being present really helps. That is the cure to my stress, fears and doubts. Doing something that I will thank myself for tomorrow. Lets do it. 

1st – I wanna take a couple of shots in moscow cafes, for content and photography practice, for my soul. Lets ask Ksu to join and if Kate is at home, she’ll try on clothes next time! So I need to research those, pics a place for tomorrow. Consider done. 

2nd – tattoo for Rich. It really isnt worth spending my time of sketch. Lets call him up, give a price and book the day for tattoo (book the studio) and ask him for pre payment. I just texted him and will wait for the response. No need in lowering the price for my service. 

3rd – tattoo practice, I should upload posts in tatt groups with interesting to me projects and decide on the price in advance. See what happens. 

4th – call up SARO to ask on translation, what happened there. 

5th – give away clothes to charity and to ppl

6th – give the art painting to my dad

7th – cancels the robe concept with lesha 

8th – go take shots around streetwear and tech wear brands

9th – lean up follows on my inst and subscribe to promotion program 

10th – find few moscow tatt artists to meet up with, who to reveal with

11th – alya and the girl who wanted to take tattoo classes 

12th – creating new original concepts for tattoo designs (much inspired, in frames, flowing, smoky, japanese inspired) 

13th – involved in travel communities, ppl for trips, checking ticket prices and travel rent prices

14th – planning trip with lieth 

15th – photo projects for me and for slients

16th – do I want to create jewerelly?

17th – jetting on with recording covers and writing my own music

18th – planning art festivals and trips for painting murals 

19th – builsinu smm cases with clients for free, content creation 

20th – …

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