Bring on the Wildfire

Why must I be so stiff in this life of mine? Always well contained and controlled. Like a statue I’ve chiselled by my own accord. Not a nose in the air kind of way, but more like I keep myself within the barriers of this box around me. So focused on one responsibility after another even if they aren’t mine, I rarely take leaps. 

It seems I know no other way than this. I’ve kept myself as stone for so long.  Trying to maintain my necessity of strength for so long. If I didnt, I think my knees would buckle out from under me and I’d shatter. 

It’s exhausting. 

I can be so stiff, but my mind is like wildfire. And I want this wildfire to consume all of me. Influencing every part of me to live. To not be hesitant. To not fear failure. To not be afraid. Incinerating the locked doors and the chains I’ve wrapped around myself. 

I want to be more wildfire, than statue. Because there’s more ways to establish strength than build myself up in stone. 

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