day one hundred and four

Yesterday, I watched the movie They Shall Not Grow Old. It is a documentary about the first world war, showing unseen and colorized footage, backed by war veterans’ testimonies of their experiences on the front line. They told their story, from the moment they enlisted in the army, their training, battles, until their return home. I am interested in 20th century history and both world wars in particular, so I have seen many documentaries about WWI. This film is one of the better ones I have seen as it shows the life of soldiers on their training, in the trenches and the depression after the war, the all-inclusive adventure. Veterans talking about their personal experiences and not about war in general make the movie feel personal, like you are a kid and your grandpa is telling you his stories from the war.

It also made me think about how my life would change if a world war broke out today. As a 19 year old, I would almost certainly get drafted into the army and my life would change drastically. As much as I believe that war is awful, I sometimes wish that war would actually start. You see, my life is boring and I feel purposeless most of the time and I have no motivation whatsoever, so if a war broke out and I’d have to go to the army, I would get a purpose, something to work for, and I think it would be an experience, not necessarily a good one, but an experience nonetheless.



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