Today’s Sermon

Luke 18:1

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart,

(Spiritual Discipline)

I read the first chapter of Disciples of a Godly man. It talked about Discipline, but more importantly about Spiritual discipline. That is what I have lost. The Lord sorted that out for me today. Discipline is about pushing the distractions aside and, using your focus on the task at hand whatever that may be. My discipline spiritually going forward, is to meditate upon the sermon we just had today throughout the whole week. It is to meditate upon the verses that were presented in that chapter I read today. It is about knowing that my Sin debt is paid in full past, present and future.

If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. If you do not receive, change will be not be coming forth. If no change comes forth where will you be? If you stay where you started you will only watch life pass you by.

My Discipline, is focused going forward. There are three Grocery stores (All the same company), within the town that we live in. I have an opportunity to make more money, and instill a better outcome from it, if I practice spiritual discipline. That’s the first hope going forward.

The second hope is, I will devote two hours, four days a week to my writing from now on going forward. Word count is not important, time devoted is. It is into the part of the story that I am doing my revisions upon now where I can copy and paste what I have written, and expand upon it further.

The third hope is, that I will finally have the confidence to sit down and start practicing guitar. The same four days a week that I do my writing are the same days that I will practice guitar.

The only other thing that I want to do this year besides learning French is, to learn the art of Photography. I’ve always wanted to learn that craft.

The rest of this Holy day for me will be spent upon relaxing until the real work begins tomorrow.

Mum has to be at the Hospital tomorrow at 5:30 am. Her Surgery is set for 7:30am. I am going to be there for my Wife. I’ve already called in. My Wife has me going through everything going forward with her.

Side notes,

My Patriots,

8 Straight seasons now going to the Afc Championship game. I can’t wait to see that one.

My Manchester United went into Wembley Stadium today and beat Tottenham 1-nil. They look so good. I can only imagine where we’d be if Ole was our Manager from the start.



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