Jan 13

Left foot more pained, rt knee very painful as back is. Makes me think he got in .But with all the people in the room I’d think it impossible. They got up to relieve themselves @2 and 3. One gets up at 4.30. idk. PTSD? Kicking in.  Every part of body still swollen, even my face. My eyes have looked weird over a week now from swollen face. What did he do to me?

My thighs feel weird like muscles have been displaced. He’s been working my body for years trying to disable me. I have to say he was here .my thighs shouldn’t have this creepy feeling and didn’t yezterday or day bbefore. How did he do this? Just can’t be. Just can’t. Too many people. Why do my muscles feel weird and sleepy like they do when I wake up after an attack. 

Left ankle gave way almost fell. Arms feel raw at rotator cuff and under arms  after reaching for poweraid at Meijer. White truck in parking lot, man with grey moustache and army safari hat big gut inside. I watched him patk and he turned on vanity light, was wearing glasses too. I expected to be followed and rushed so he couldn’t get my car. IDK.if that was him or not, but I’m very spooked. Why vanity light….he saw me coming I made detour to truck but difficult to make his face, he put light on and hat as I was making g my way.  I should have got closer and said hello  to see if it were him. Body, moustache look like him . think of this now…..updating journal entry, it was him. He uses stage makeup to disguise himself, he appeared to be an older white male.

My left foot is inflamed, woke up to pant legs rolled past my knees. I was moving around a lot though. He’s rolled up my pant legs and stretched them to make it easier to mess up my knees and legs it seems.  Legs and feet  feel numb and weird. I don’t sense him in house. Of course I’m paranoid, he’s been able to get into every place I’ve been in past and my body feeling this way feels like he did attack me, idk how he could have but I feel it. Left big toe nail feels like it was pushed in to skin.  Didn’t feel like this yesterday nor was my left foot so latge, toes are hitting top and side of boot. New location tonight at christnet maybe more secure. We switch every week. 

Cat food had oil sprayed in it. One can see difference from oily food vs oil spray. Junk in their water too. 

He worked my hair pic again, picture included for proof and to establish pattern. 

Noticed he picked at my jacket. He deliberately cuts the seams with a dental tool so he can get under tightly sewn small threads. EstAblishing pattern. This is what he does. Things most wouldn’t notice I guess. 

White truck pulled off sf from opposite direction I was heAding. Saw white truck parked in 7-11 parking lot near church where christnet center is. Big truck with seating in back as there are double windows on side. What appears to be same truck passed by our lady queen of angels church in taylor where we are staying this week. Saw it 2x when we went to smoke.  Guy needs a life .he’s crazy. 

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3 thoughts on “Jan 13”

  1. The pain you are experiencing really does remind me of how my body feels because of fibromyalgia. I’m not saying that’s what it is…just that it sounds a lot like what I experience. It is weird how the teeth on the hair pic look.

  2. I’m so sorry you Are suffering from that. I pray you find relief somehow.

  3. Thank you…it’s been very hard to learn to live with the pain. I have Lyrica but I stopped taking it daily because I started hearing and reading about the possible side effects neurologically and also because of the weight gain. I do take it on days that I’m having bad flare-ups but not long-term. I was on pain meds but my doctor got in trouble for the number of patients he had on them so he took almost all of us off of them. That was so so hard physically and mentally on me but after a year of struggling I feel like I’m adjusting to not having them. But, I am in pain and just have to realize that this is my new normal.

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