Love CVS/Hate Games

Trip to CVS was a massive success as always! Saved over 50% on my purchases with the coupons I had. Also got $10 to spend next trip. =D I was looking at my receipt just because, and I noticed some coincidences. The amount I saved was $27.89 my birthday is the 27th, born 1989. So crazy. Then to top it off the percentage of savings value was 44%, and 4 is my favorite number! When those sort of things just happen, it’s nothing sort of meant to be.

Speaking of something that’s not meant to be. I mentioned in my last post written earlier today that I had responded to a text he sent. Responded with plenty of material (around 4:30pm) that could have turned into a good conversation. Of course, I received no text backs after the initial how was your weekend, was Indy alright? It’s now almost 10p. Why even message if you aren’t going to stick around for the response and conversation that could come of it. Is it just a game to see if I would finally respond. Soooo aggravating!!! I’m really sick and tired of it.

2 thoughts on “Love CVS/Hate Games”

  1. Glad you got sales at CVS. Sales are always good. I understand how you feel about the texting. I am in very similar situation.

  2. My first comment on a post, thank you! It’s good to know I’m not alone with my feelings…How long have you been dealing with your situation? With me we have been in each others lives for over 8 years. I hope for him to one day get his life together, but I’ve known for awhile I should probably leave him to figure that out. Sticking around and trying to “help” is only hurting me. You can only give so much.

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