I’m combining yesterday and today’s entries as I didn’t do much yesterday besides lay in bed. I did start a new Netflix show about organizing your home. It helped me wake up today and be inspired to de-clutter my life. Although I did sleep in till after 1pm today…

But since I’ve woke I’ve been doing good. Got some cleaning done. Caught up on my journal entries on here since I didn’t take my laptop on my trip. About to take a shower and eat some dinner. Later I’ve got to make a trip to CVS to get some things, and use my coupons before they expire. Getting some work done after that so tomorrow isn’t so busy, like confirming time sheets and checking off notes. 

Kevin finally sent a text I could respond to, asking me how my weekend went. Of course I sent back 5 paragraphs of material. See, I’m not unreasonable when you actually give me something to work with. He hasn’t responded yet so not sure if he will keep that going. Not going to get my hopes up. If he wants to be in my life, I’ve told him how. It’s up to him if he wants to do what he needs to do to stay active in it. 

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