[442] ~*Mon – 01/14/19*~

[2:06 pm]

Today is even worse than the other day. It’s so slow and very boring. I could always work on emails but I am not doing that anymore. I have done my 10 and a bit more and that’s it. That said, I don’t really have anything to do at this moment so might as well write as I didn’t have time last night.

I worked my last day at the store yesterday and it was just horrible. I wasn’t feeling so hot and had to puke twice, had to take my inhaler and my foot was hurting me. I had this pain in my ankle that bothered me all day and I kept having to go sit. The store wasn’t that busy but I was the only one cleaning so I had the whole store to do. The day was dragging along and I told myself that it was a sign that I was taking the right decision by quitting. Of course the manager asked me again if I was sure of my decision as I can’t go back and I’ve told her “hell yes”. She still wanted me to stay for here and there but she wants me for the weekend and I can’t do weekend over there as I have asked to work weekend at my main job. I also really don’t want to have to work there anymore as lately my feet have been hurting a lot when I work and I shouldn’t have to put my body through that if I don’t have too. 

So yea, I’m all done with the store. I’m sad but sorta relief. I just hope I won’t have too much free time on my hands but I’m sure I’ll find something to do if ever it gets to that. 

I got home last night and ate my pizza while watching Supernatural which I didn’t even finish cause I just wanted to head to bed. Hub got up and decided not to go to work so I asked him to wash the suggies kitchen and to feed them so I went to bed. I didn’t even play on my farming game or read cause my foot was just in pain and I was tired and I think I’m getting sick cause I keep coughing. I was in bed it was only 7:30 pm. I had told my mom I’d call her last night but I emailed her to let her know I wouldn’t call in the end cause I just wanted to go to bed so I will have to call her tonight. 

I was still super tired this morning even if I had slept more than 12 hours. I don’t totally feel sick but I feel like I will be sick. I keep coughing and my throat is full of mucus but I know it’s not the mucus from my post nasal drip as it feels different. Bleh!

I’ve called my friend to see if she wanted to go to the Casino tonight and she’s sick. I told her to rest and that I’d call her back after work to see if she felt a lil better but I already know she won’t be coming. Sad! I was looking forward to it. I’ve had food like an hour and a half ago but I’m still hungry. I also really need to go puke some mucus but I don’t want to be doing that at work although I may have to go cause I really don’t feel well with all this mucus in my throat and I still have two and a half hours to go. My breathing is suffering at the moment. 

I still need to see if I can take my friend for a sleigh ride if I can have a darn Sun off. I’m supposed to have next Sun off as I don’t work at the store anymore but of course my client is working on Sat and asked to go see a movie on Sun. As for the following week, I should have it off but then again, I don’t really trust in it cause my main job had already applied the change to take in effect on that week but I just emailed telling them I just wanted it to start in Feb. It’s so hard to get what I want when it should be easy.

As for last Sat, we went to see Replicas which was an okay movie but really not my type cause it’s something that will prob happen in years from now (cloning people) but something that won’t be happening soon. I just don’t like the technology they put into it to where the character was using a headset and seeing all these things and doing things. It’s not realistic and I really don’t enjoy it. I know it will more than likely be possible to do such a thing in the future as technology is advancing like crazy but it’s not something that will be possible tomorrow. I just don’t enjoy movie that uses advanced technology that we don’t currently have.

The time is really not going fast enough. I’m suffocating right now and don’t know what to do with myself. I need to puke so very badly but really don’t want to go but I don’t know how long I will be able to handle this. My chest hurts as my breathing is restricted. I feel like a hot chocolate would be good right now.


It is now 3:45 pm, I went on break and tried to puke but just couldn’t do it cause I felt too embarrassed. I did take my inhaler to see if it would help. The guy sitting behind me is wearing cologne and it’s not helping me at all. I just want to be done with this day. Time isn’t going by fast enough. I still have a very hard time breathing and I just want to be out of here. Gosh!

I hope my friend wants to go to the Casino cause I really want to go.


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