work today was good! i think i gained some bravery exp just by asking people how were they doing and if they needed help while knowing that i might not be able to answer their questions since i’ve only been working for three months. but i was able to offer some help and that made me really happy as well!


tomorrow class starts up again! i’m kind of scared (of course, it’s me), but also excited?


i’ve been feeling really nostalgic recently.


i keep having the crazy idea that i should offer to send the boy handwritten cards, because i genuinely do like writing them, but it would just be creepy since i didn’t know him well enough to offer to do that.


one of the books i ordered hasn’t come yet, although it should have… hmm.


two of my friends are coming back really late! i have work early tomorrow but i’m still staying up at least see them before i go to bed.


i need to refresh my chinese. i’m becoming more and more proud of my heritage, even though my relatives may not be the best people, but the culture of the country my parents came from is still important to me.

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  1. It is always good to be proud of your hertiage. Glad that things at work are good!

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